Mercedes-AMG E 55

The issue with a vehicle like the E55 home is that you could wind up loving it to an extreme. You might wind up not having any desire to drive anything more, since there is certainly not a ton inside the motoring range that the E55 home doesn’t do – and progress nicely.

However regardless of this vehicle’s exceptionally clear expansiveness of capacities – its astute burden region, tempting styling, the nature of its lodge and its sheer reasonableness as a heap lugger – what characterizes it by and large has close to nothing to do with the reasonable things throughout everyday life. Assuming that you need space and effortlessness from your E-Class domain, you purchase the E270 Cdi. However, assuming you need pace, you purchase the E55, in light of the fact that speed is what the E55 does best.

How quick is it contrasted and, say, a Ferrari 360 Modena? In reality, quicker. You believe I’m kidding; I’m not. OK, what about a Lamborghini Murciélago? Certainly that could top the E55 in a traffic signal GP? Probably not. Not except if you made the ideal escape and nailed each gearchange to inside a millimeter of the fire up limiter (difficult in a Murciélago, believe me).


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Anyway, accepting you presently get the full greatness of what happens when you put your foot to the flawlessly managed floor, what are the terrible focuses regarding the 55 home? Relatively few. Fortunately they’ve arranged the skeleton and given the bequest somewhere around 92% of the cantina’s ride and taking care of poise. The terrible news? Inasmuch as £63,635 makes you grin and not sob, there isn’t any.

Inside, there is little you can censure and much you can respect. Mercedes has pondered the heap region, and the outcome is a truly gigantic, and in places rather cunning, home vehicle: 650 liters with the seats set up, 1950 with them collapsed away (which they do all things considered or separately).

The rear end is electric and folds up into the clouds at the press of the key-dandy button, and the extra wheel is large to the point of getting you home at more than the typical 50mph. As all-rounders go, it’s difficult to consider a preferred one over this.

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