What Car? in the battle against vehicle wrongdoing

Fierce vehicle wrongdoing can be stemmed with more inescapable utilization of overlaid glass, as indicated by a study by What Car magazine.

Bothered vehicle robberies in the UK totalled 11,500 out of 2002/3, averaging more than 32 every day. In our sister magazine’s yearly Security Supertest, vehicles safeguarded simply by ordinary glass were broken in seconds by a block or mallet. Those fitted with an overlaid window, a twofold layer of glass sandwiching a dainty plastic film, faired much better against a similar assault. Right now, just extravagance models, like the Lexus LS430, victor of What Car’s? yearly Security Supertest, have this defensive glass fitted as standard. One more measure to assist with lessening wrongdoing is the expanded utilization of GPS beacons to assist with finding a vehicle after it has been taken.

Results show that everything except 10 of the 38 vehicles tried were effectively broken into in under two minutes, including successes, for example, the Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra and BMW 3-series.

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